The journey matters only when the destination is worthwhile

“It’s the journey that matters, not the destination”. You probably have heard this quote before. While this is true for most things like your life, this is however far from true when it comes to reading manhwa or novels. For me, the saying should be “The journey matters only when the destination is worthwhile”.

Have you ever read a novel so good but by the end of it you found out the ending was so terrible it left a bad taste in your mouth? I have! Imagine reading for hundreds of chapters. Early on the story was so good and engaging. You were rooting for the MC and ML to end up together happily. But then the story took a weird turn. You still persevere because you think by the end it was all worth it. However, you have this nagging feeling that the story is not going to turn out the way you think it was supposed to. Unfortunately, your gut feeling was right and ultimately the story’s ending left you devastated and disappointed. Now, I wouldn’t be this angry if the author simply made the MC ended up with another ML (that I did not root for) or it wasn’t a happy ending. I’m angry and disappointed when it ends with:

  1. Full of plot holes.
  2. Unresolved conflict(s).
  3. Unsatisfying conclusion when our MC overcame relentless obstacles that the author decided to throw at them.
  4. Resorting to deus-ex-machina because the author didn’t plan how to end the story properly.

Worst of all is when it does not end at all. It may be due to the author’s illness, death, or simply tired of the story and left it in limbo. If I knew early on that the story wouldn’t be finished, I wouldn’t have started reading it. 

If you can see the future, will you change it?

Nowadays, I am addicted to reading a bunch of spoilers for novels and manhwa that I have started reading, wanted to read and ones that have very slow updates. There is only so much time in a day, so I want to make sure I invest myself in stories that respect my time as a reader. Long time ago, I was very much opposed to spoilers like many others. But now things have changed. Even knowing how a story ends, I still want to read it because I want to know what happened to lead to that ending. When I know the destination is worthwhile, I can fully enjoy the journey leading up to it.

There was gold that I found and started reading for one or two chapters but before investing too much, I found out via spoilers that the author abandoned the story to make a new and unrelated one. So, I stopped reading and continue in search of another piece of gold. I just saved myself from massive disappointment in the future. I think you should too.

Don’t hit the messenger just because you didn’t like the message

Now, all this leads to this website. I can tell you which novel or manhwa is worth your time and which one to pass but ultimately it is up to you to decide. As the site name entailed, there will be a ton of spoilers here. Spoiler are very much welcomed even in the comments.

If you think spoilers is bad, I suggest you give it a try once. I have been hyped for a story because someone spoiled a particularly very good scene or plot point. I couldn’t wait to read it for myself. So yeah, for me spoilers are good. Maybe it can do you good too.